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Garden waste subscription packs and bin stickers are on their way! Our teams are aware of who has subscribed and will collect your bin on your next collection date.

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Personal Licenses

A Personal Licence authorises an individual to supply alcohol, or authorise the supply of alcohol, in accordance with a Premises Licence. The supply authorised by a Personal Licence includes the sale of alcohol by retail.

Personal Licences are indefinite unless surrendered, suspended, or declared forfeit by the courts.

If we grant your licence, Stoke-on-Trent City Council becomes your ‘relevant licensing authority’ even though you may move out of the area or take employment elsewhere.

If you have any specific questions e-mail:

For each premise that holds a Premise Licence, the licence holder must specify a Personal Licence holder as the Designated Premises Supervisor, who takes responsibility for the premises.

To apply for a Personal Licence you must:

Personal Licence Application Form

If you wish to make a change or you have lost your current licence, please follow the link below...

Making a change to your Personal Licence

Guidance notes for a Personal Licence