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Ask us to reinspect your food business

Food businesses can ask to be reinspected if they have taken action to correct problems identified in their inspection.

We charge £175 for each reinspection request and payment must be made before we come to do the reinspection. We will contact you to take payment. 

You can ask for us to reinspect your business any time after the inspection, as long as you have made the required improvements.

You must give us details of the improvements when you ask us to reinspect your busines, including supporting evidence where appropriate.

If we don't think you've provided enough proof the required improvements have been made , we will make an unannounced visit. This will take place within three months of you asking us to reinspect you.

The officer will give you a new food hygiene rating based on the level found at the time of the reinspection.

Your rating may stay the same, go up or go down.

Apply for a reinspection