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Consultation on the gambling act draft statement of principles

By law we have to prepare a statement of principles every three years on the gambling act. 

This statement sets out how we intend to exercise our functions under the act and the principles we intend to apply.

It will also provide clarity for licensing applicants and residents. 

We want your views on our draft statement of principles.

We will be consulting with:

  • responsible authorities
  • representatives of existing licence holders
  • other business in the area
  • anyone else interested in our draft statement of principles

Read the draft statement of principles document

Email your comments to licensing services

The deadline for receipt of your response is October 29.

All responses where a name and postal address have been provided will be taken into consideration and will be made public.  

If you do not wish your identity to be divulged, make this clear in your response.  

It would be useful if respondents also included details of their interest in the council’s licensing function.

See how we use your personal information