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Alarms and pendants for people who need extra help at home

In this section

  1. Lifeline
  2. Telecare
  3. Emergency response service


Telecare is an addition to the Lifeline service for people with who have been assessed by us as having particular needs. We install some small sensors around your house  and if you have problems these sensors will alert us using the Lifeline equipment on the previous page. 

Sensors we can provide include: 

  • a falls detector you clip to your belt that will detect if you fall down 
  • a medication reminder and dispenser that will let you know when to take your tablets, and will give you the correct ones to take 
  • a flood detector that will tel you (and us) if your bath or sink overflows 
  • an epilepsy sensor which goes under your mattress, and will detect the different signs that you may be having a seizure 

You will need to contact us to arrange an assessment to see if you qualify for Telecare. 

There is no ongoing cost for the Telecare service currently. If the base unit calls us, the cost of the call will show on your phone bill - this is a low-cost local call rate. We do make a small installation charge when we first install the equipment

  • basic Lifeline base unit, pendant and smoke alarm - £20 
  • Lifeline plus sensors (excluding epilepsy or property exit) - £30 
  • Lifeline plus sensors (including epilepsy or property exit) - £40 

If you do not want a social care assessment you can pay for the sensors and services described above as part of the Lifeline community alarm service.