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Alarms and pendants for people who need extra help at home

In this section

  1. Lifeline
  2. Telecare
  3. Emergency response service


You can buy the Lifeline alarm service from us to help you to stay safe at home.  You wear a pendant with an alert button, then if you need help (perhaps because you've fallen or feel unwell) you just press the button and we will be able to speak to you and send help at any time of the day or night.

We will set up a small piece of equipment next to the phone socket in your house.  It will be plugged into your phone line, and into the mains power.  We will also give you a small pendant which you can wear on a cord around your neck, or on a wrist strap.

After speaking to you, the Lifeline team can: 

  • phone a relative or friend 
  • sending one of our emergency responders to check on you or to help you get up if you've fallen
  • call an ambulance if you want one, or other emergency services 
  • givie you general information and advice 

The service costs 60p per day (£18 per month).  For this, you receive the base unit, alarm button, a smoke detector that links to the base unit and 24/7 support from the control centre plus free support from our emergency response service.

For an extra 19p per day, you can also have a second pendant - this is useful for couples.