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TitleTransport Assessment Consultancy services
Contract Reference NumberH&C/2017/51
InformationStoke on Trent City Council is seeking to procure the services of a qualified Transportation Consultancy to liaise with Stoke on Trent City Council, their design team and the planning / highways department, in ascertaining the Clients brief and completing an appropriate Transport Assessment for a proposed development site following instruction by the Local Planning Authority of its requirement to support a planning submission. The requirements of the proposed Travel Assessment will be dependent on discussions and liaison with the Highways Authority and LPA however we would typically expect to see the following included: • Size and description (including layout) of the elements of the proposal; • information about neighbouring uses, amenity and character; • existing functional classification of the nearby road network; • description of the proposals including associated peak traffic times etc.; • vehicle trip distribution on the highway network (to be agreed); • data about current traffic flows on links and at junctions within the agreed study area and identification of critical links and junctions on the highways network; • a description of the traffic impacts of the development and how these are being addressed on the highway network (through trip rate analysis) particularly at the vehicle access points and affected existing junctions;. • an associated assessment of vehicle trips from all directly relevant committed development in the area (i.e. development that there is a reasonable degree of certainty will proceed within the next 3 years); • what is the potential percentage transport modal split that deals with data about existing public transport provision, including provision/ frequency of services etc.; • what is the potential traffic generation from the site, use of the current TRICS database is considered the norm for this element of the assessment, however estimates can be obtained from other similar sites (size and type interpolation); • analysis of the latest 3 year personal injury accident data within the area or 5 year period if the proposed location has been identified as high accident area; • the commuter peak hours are considered to be the critical time period of traffic assessments. Nearby junction capacity assessments should be carried out during these times to include highlighted peak development traffic times also; • the new highway accesses/junction detail and how does this impact on the highway given the traffic generation from/to the site, queue lengths etc. using the latest junction assessment software package; • measures to mitigate the residual impacts of development (such as improvements to the highway) that may include introducing walking and cycling facilities and potential public transport network improvements; • are there significant phases to the project, how will construction traffic be dealt with? A formal planning application would also require a Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP); • measures to improve the accessibility within and surrounding the site by retention of the established footpath network and provision/enhancement of nearby/adjacent footpath and cycle links; • what level of car-parking provision is required, which should be justified in accordance with the Council's emerging Parking Standards which includes the 'parking strategy' of the proposals. We would request all fee proposals are supported with a brief Capability document, highlighting capabilities, experience, examples of previous work completed of a similar nature and several Client references and contact details. Should the tender be of interest we request an email expressing your interest to complete the works be sent to our Employers Agent, CPC Project Services will then issue the current site plans. Timeframe: Following your registration of interest Consultants will be required to submit their fee proposal by email by the closing date of: Friday 13th October at 12:00noon to
Award CriteriaMEAT
Is the opportunity suitable for small and medium businessesYes
This is being advertised on the Stoke-on-Trent City Council website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Closing Date/Time13/10/2017 12:00:00
Contract Start Date
Contract End Date
Contact DetailsCharlotte Davies
(01782) 234987

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