Opportunities to supply the council

Tender and Quotation Opportunities

We have contracts available for a variety of goods and services and welcome tenders from all suitable providers for the work.

We follow comprehensive tendering procedures to make sure we meet our contract procedure rules and European Union procurement law.

Contracts must meet the required specification and provide value for money for the council and council taxpayers.

ID Title Information Closing Date View Further Details
2919Gas Fire Removal and ReplacementThese works consist of gas fire removal and replacement with electrical fire. This will include:...02/08/2022 12:00:00View details
2918Pre-Procurement Engagement Event for a Handyperson ServiceAdult Social Care are looking to Commission a Handyperson Service later this year which aims to provide a high quality, cost-effective and responsive service to residents of Stoke-on-Trent in order to maintain and maximise their independence and wellbeing....18/07/2022 15:00:00View details
2917United Kingdom Shared Prosperity Fund Investment PlanProduction of a United Kingdom Shared Prosperity Fund Investment plan in line with Government Guidance and identifying the key priorities for eligible investment across the City05/07/2022 17:00:00View details
2916Provision of New & Used Gym equipmentPurchase of a mixture of new and used gym equipment for the Wallace Sports Centre. Including cardiovascular, endurance and functional kit. Full equipment list available on request.15/07/2022 17:00:00View details
2913Shelton New Road - Improving cycle facilities at traffic signalsThis is an opportunity to tender for: 1. Upgrade one Toucan Crossing 2. Re-configure one signalised junction to add separately signalled cycle phases to two arms of the junction.27/06/2022 16:00:00View details
2912Opportunity to receive funding for delivery of Adult and Community Learning Service Provision 2022-2023Tenders are invited from organisations across the city to deliver Adult and Community Learning courses for the academic year 2022-2023. This tender is funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA)....11/07/2022 17:00:00View details
2911Appointment of a suitably qualified arts organisation to design and deliver a programme of cultural and community activities to include physical installations as part of the Stoke High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) project.Stoke-on-Trent City Council through the Stoke High Street Heritage Action Zone (HSHAZ) project is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified arts organisation to design and deliver a programme of cultural and community activities to include physical installations as part of the Stoke (HSHAZ) project...07/07/2022 16:00:00View details
2909Quotation for Completion of a Citizens Inquiry (Health Inequalities) This invitation is to support the delivery of a Citizens Inquiry. We are seeking a specialist organisation to work alongside the existing Community Health Champions, to design and undertake the Citizens Inquiry. ...08/07/2022 16:00:00View details
2910Silicon Stoke: Screen Industry Report - Developing Film, TV and Other Content Production in North StaffordshireExpression of Interest to produce a Screen Industry Report for Developing Film, TV and Other Content Production in North Staffordshire....15/06/2022 17:00:00View details
2907Multiply: bespoke adult numeracy programme (part of the Shared Prosperity Fund)Multiply is a 3-year programme for adult numeracy that falls under the Government's Shared Prosperity Fund. At this stage the City Council is looking for Expressions of Interest (EOI) to inform a Multiply Investment Plan for the city. More formal funding application processes would follow the...10/06/2022 17:00:00View details
2908Spode: Gaming Hub Phase 1 Fit Out Construction WorksTo carry out internal fit out works to existing building located on the Spode Site. Works to create new business incubator space over two floors.23/06/2022 12:00:00View details
2906Supply of Hand held grounds maintenance machineryQuotations are invited for the following;...30/05/2022 12:00:00View details
2905Works in connection with Disabled Facilities Grants Unitas are looking for Contractors to carry out various works in connection with Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG). The works will largely be made up of level access showers but may also include other internal alterations such as door widening and kitchen alterations and external alterations such as...01/07/2022 14:00:00View details
2875External Clearance for Void PropertiesFull details are available on Pro Contract tendering portal - Unitas are looking for contractors to carry out external clearances to council owned void properties in the boundaries of Stoke-on-Trent....02/05/2022 14:00:00View details
2882Supply of 28 x 3.5 tonne Vehicles for outright purchase.Tenders are invited from interested parties for the supply of 28 x 3.5 tonne vehicles for outright purchase. The vehicles must be suitable to work in demanding time critical services. The vehicles shall be supplied to manufacturer's specification and should be of extremely strong construction to...23/05/2022 12:00:00View details
2884Middlehurst Special School DemolitionDemolition of Middlehurst Special School in Stoke-on-Trent26/05/2022 12:00:00View details
2892Soft Market Testing Land sale opportunity for intended residential development30/05/2022 12:00:00View details
2902Specialist advisers to develop options for the creation of Stoke-on-Trent Heritage Preservation TrustTo set out the requirements and timeframes for historic building and preservation of urban realm to work with the Council to put into place a Stoke on Trent Heritage Trust.10/06/2022 17:00:00View details
2901Opportunity to provide a portfolio of interim 6 month placementsA number of interim vacancies have arisen within the Integrated Commissioning and Commercialisation division in Stoke-on-Trent. ...25/05/2022 16:00:00View details
2900Consultancy support to develop an Energy Strategy and Actions Plans for the Council.1. Reviewing and reporting on the current UK Government Strategies and Policies related to the segments listed above....09/06/2022 16:00:00View details
2899Mechanical and Electrical Labour OnlyWe are looking to establish a four year framework, the purpose of which is to provide regular labour only support to Unitas's in-house labour force....16/06/2022 12:00:00View details
2898Housing Benefit Audit 2022/23To undertake the role of the Reporting Accountant for 2022/23, performing the specific test requirements in accordance with the scope of work set out in DWP's HBAP reporting framework instruction....10/06/2022 16:00:00View details
2897Design & Project Management Services - Flood Alleviation 1.1 This commission seeks to appoint a consultant to carry out the Preliminary, Detail Design, Project Management, Principle Designer and oversee the construction of the Fowlea Brook flood alleviation works at Cliffe Vale. 1.2 The project will deliver a climate change resilient flood risk management...16/06/2022 12:00:00View details
2895Supply of 5 x 4x4 Pick Up Vehicles for outright purchaseTenders are invited from interested parties for the Supply of 5 x (Number of) 4x4 Pick-Up Vehicles for Outright Purchase consisting of: TYPE 1: 2 (number of) Extra/Super Cab TYPE 2: 3 (number of) Double Cab Vehicles must be suitable to work in various time critical and demanding services. 14/06/2022 12:00:00View details
2894Supply of 3G pitch surface remedial works and repairPre-Works Requirements:...30/05/2022 17:00:00View details
2886Marychurch School DemolitionDemolition of Marychurch School in Stoke-on-Trent26/05/2022 12:00:00View details
2877Holiday Activities and Healthy Food programme (HAF)The Department for Education (DfE) have recently announced an expansion of their Holiday Activities and Healthy Food programme (HAF) so that children on free school meals in England will be offered free healthy food and enriching activities over the holidays in 2022 - 2024. This investment is being...12/05/2022 12:00:00View details
28763x Ride-on BrushcuttersTo supply 3x new Ride-on Brushcutters for Outright Purchase. For tender document please email paul.massey@stoke.gov.uk04/05/2022 12:00:00View details
28721x Compact Sweeper To supply 1x New Compact Sweeper for Outright Purchase. For tender document email paul.massey@stoke.gov.uk 30/05/2022 12:00:00View details
28707.5t Box Van Complete With 1000kg Column Tail-LiftTo supply 1x new 7.5t Box Van Complete With 1000kg Column Tail-Lift29/04/2022 12:00:00View details
2860Opportunity for a Tracing Agent Tenders are invited to perform a one off trace in relation to an empty home owner for the Empty Homes Service....08/04/2022 17:00:00View details
2869Supply of 26x Vans HDG/2022/110Supply of 26x Vans for outright purchase06/05/2022 12:00:00View details
2868Internal Fit Out and Mezzanine Installation at Unit 3 Tunstall, Trade Park, Brownhills Road, Stoke on Trent - PGP/2022/1390 The project is the fitout of Unit 3, Tunstall Trade Park, Brownhills Road, Stoke on Trent to make it suitable for use by a printing business. It entails internal fitout works, installation of a mezzanine, mechanical and electrical installations.06/05/2022 12:00:00View details
2867North Staffordshire Community Rail Partnership website designNorth Staffordshire Community Rail Partnership seeks a website designer to design and host a new website. A quotation document containing full details is available by email from Claire Sandys, Community Rail Partnership Officer, at northstaffscrp@stoke.gov.uk. Or you can phone 07879 115698.19/04/2022 17:00:00View details
2866Council House Dwellings Beacon Valuations 2022-25 General Overview of Requirements...08/04/2022 17:00:00View details
2847Ice Cream Pitch - Longton Park Ice cream pitch Queens Park - Longton ....31/03/2022 17:00:00View details
2864Registered Bus ServicesTender for local bus service 50 between Hanley, Longton and Meir Hay28/03/2022 16:00:00View details
2863Disabled Facilities Grant Works (Great Row Grove)Unitas are looking for contractors to provide a quotation to carry out the remedial works at a private property within the boundaries of Stoke-on-Trent. ...31/03/2022 09:00:00View details
2862Disabled Facilities Grant Property Extension (Southern Way)Unitas are looking for quotations for the construction of a single storey extension and internal alterations to a private property within the boundaries of Stoke-on-Trent. ...05/04/2022 14:00:00View details
2861Supply of 6 Electric Vehicles Supply of 6 electric vehicles for outright purchase. Full details and access to the documents can be found by using the link here: https://procontract.due-north.com/Advert?advertId=0a8aeb1b-60a0-ec11-8112-005056b64545&p=08c1102f-61ba-e711-80e6-005056b64545 08/04/2022 12:00:00View details
2859Local Supported Accommodation Framework (Flexible)The Local Supported Accommodation Framework is a contractual arrangement with supported accommodation services to provide accommodation and support for young people who are aged 16 and above. The Local Authority has a statutory duty to provide accommodation for young people who are looked after,...21/04/2022 12:00:00View details
2858Quotation for Summative Assessment for Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire Grants for Growth ERDF supported projectThe Consultancy is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund18/03/2022 17:00:00View details
2856Ice Cream Pitch - Tunstall ParkIce Cream Pitch - Tunstall Park...31/03/2022 17:00:00View details
2855Ice Cream Pitch - Northwood ParkIce Cream Pitch - Northwood Park...31/03/2022 17:00:00View details
2854Ice Cream Pitch - Park Hall Country ParkIce Cream Pitch - Park Hall Country Park...31/03/2022 17:00:00View details
2853Ice Cream Pitch - Bucknall ParkIce Cream Pitch - Bucknall Park...31/03/2022 17:00:00View details
2852Ice Cream Pitch - Mount Pleasent ParkIce Cream Pitch - Mount Pleasent Park...31/03/2022 17:00:00View details
2851Ice Cream pitch- Fenton ParkIce Cream pitch - Fenton Park...31/03/2022 17:00:00View details
2850Ice Cream pitch - Etruria ParkIce Cream Pitch - Etruria Park...31/03/2022 17:00:00View details
2849Ice Cream Pitch - Burslem ParkIce Cream Pitch - Burslem Park...31/03/2022 17:00:00View details
2848Ice Cream Pitch - Westport LakeIce Cream Pich- westport Lake...31/03/2022 17:00:00View details
2845Supply of 4 Mini-ExcavatorsTenders are invited from interested parties to supply 4 mini-excavators suitable to work in a demanding time critical bereavement care environment. The excavators must be highly manoeuvrable and able to operate in confined working conditions. Information and how to apply can be found by viewing the...28/03/2022 12:00:00View details
2815Independent Specialist Placement (ISP) Framework for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) - CA&FS - CSC/2021/590This contract falls under the Public Contract Regulations 2015 Light Touch Regime (LTR) - Regulations 74 to 77. As such, the City Council will place an advert in Find a Tender Service (FTS), publish an award notice and comply with the principles of transparency and equal treatment.07/04/2022 12:00:00View details
2844Disabled Facilities Grant Property Extension (Brogan Street)Unitas are looking for quotations for the construction of a single storey extension containing a bathroom at a private property within the boundaries of Stoke-on-Trent. The works are in connection with Disabled Facilities Grants....21/03/2022 14:00:00View details
2843Roofing and Pointing Works 2022 - 2024This contract is for roofing and pointing works to the following number of properties:...28/03/2022 12:00:00View details
2842Disabled Facilities Grant - Property Extension (Elm Street) - V2Unitas are looking for quotations for the construction of a single storey extension and internal alterations at a private property within the boundaries of Stoke-on-Trent. ...18/03/2022 12:00:00View details
2835Linehouses Prefabricated Facilities UnitsLinehouses in Stoke-on-Trent is a Local Authority owned traveller site with a total of 50 Pitches. The majority of these pitches have an individual unit located on the plot which contains a bathroom and kitchen. The majority of these have been replaced, however 8 plots still have the original units....31/03/2022 12:00:00View details
2840Roofing Only 2022 - 23These works are in respect of roofing works to at least 78 known addresses, with the potential for up to an additional 100 properties if it is identified that they are unecomonical to repair....23/03/2022 12:00:00View details
2833Spode Museum and Shop- First Floor Fit Out and Other Improvements Internal first floor fit out of the Spode Museum and Shop as well as other improvement works to the building as part of the HSHAZ project. 25/03/2022 12:00:00View details