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TitleDevelopment of website for Stoke-on-Trent for City of Culture 2021
Contract Reference NumberCE/2016/12
InformationStoke-on-Trent for City of Culture 2021 - our bid The city of Stoke-on-Trent is bidding for the title of City of Culture 2021. We love Stoke-on-Trent and believe that becoming City of Culture will bring with it endless benefits for the area, the people who live and work here, the businesses that are based here and for our children - the future generations. Whether it is eating an oakcake, going to a football match, listening to music at the Sugarmill or visiting the beautifully restored spitfire, culture in one sense or other drips from every pore in the city. We're a proud people, across six towns and one city, built on a history of industrial greatness and we're seeing a resurgence of all things that made this place great. We want to capitalise on the opportunities that City of Culture 2021 would bring to the city to propel Stoke-on-Trent forward. Not just through a truly unique arts and culture offer but for the future of the city overall. Better and more jobs, better transport connections, ways to embrace our entrepreneurial spirit and a city that thrives and grows for its people - a place that is the place to be. We believe the time is right and the time is now for Stoke-on-Trent. We hope you do too. Please get behind the bid and help us make City of Culture 2021 a reality. Requirement So the above captures our ambition in a nutshell. We're working to continue to build the city's reputation as an emerging and confident cultural hub for the region, unified in purpose with the aim of securing City of Culture status for 2021. It's a bid process that starts now and will see a first stage bid being submitted in March 2017 and over the next 12 months an impetus of activity to help us win the title. We need to raise awareness for the bid, encourage adoption and engagement across all facets of city life, and establish a credible, energetic and consistent voice for the city through the bid process. The bid will develop in phases as a campaign, and needs phased development online as well. This will be managed through the city council communications team on behalf of the bid's campaign working group. In the first instance we need a holding page to carry basic contact information and to capture individual sign-up for further information. The date for this to be live by is 24 June. Following this a fuller web presence will set out the purpose and programme of the bid and start the citywide conversation, linking to partners, social media and cultural activity. As this develops a third iteration is likely, which requires the second phase to be designed to accommodate. This will require additional functionality around specific projects and campaign strands which will carry the messages, generate support and service key audiences from local communities to the media. No site currently exists, but we need this to be hosted in a way that is resilient and avoids the recent problems that Hull has seen. URLs have already been secured, as have social media addresses. It almost goes without saying, but the site must be fully functional on all devices. We do not have a preferred CMS platform in mind, but it should be easy and familiar to use for anyone who regularly manages web content. Purpose, design and positioning The bid has developed a strong brand identity, which will be adopted and applied fully online. The city's transformational narrative is essential to convey - and the personality that will come through all content and branding is confident, direct, warm, innovative, contemporary. This bid looks forward to Stoke-on-Trent's future through the creativity of its people, artists, companies and institutions. More information about the bid and its lead supporters will be made available at inception and in later phases. The website must be an engaging route for local people to find out more and get involved, alongside more corporate stakeholder engagement - cultural, funders, partners, media across all sectors - both across the city and regionally/nationally. Website Without pre-empting the architecture, the most important sections, as we see them, are: - Homepage - to highlight the purpose and ambition of the bid, provide a warm welcome, offer current bid, relevant city and cultural news and views, showcase cultural activity around the city, have pulled in content from blogs and social media. A number of the sections/functions below will feature/be trailed on the homepage; - How to get involved - is critical as a clear and simple sign-up, which will outline some of the ways as well, e.g. not just a click through to a form. This will need to make it clear how to get in touch and be involved for very different user types - from local residents and community groups to major stakeholders and potential corporate sponsors. This could include an on-line petition that then displays the number of people that have visually signed up to support the bid; - Cultural events - distinguishing between live and upcoming programmes, with information, images, video and other relevant content and links through to third party sites/ticketing platforms, as appropriate. This should have the ability to grow in the future if required; - A feature section - a general 'feature' section to profile people, groups, artists and arts organisations, community groups, events and so on; this could also carry blogs and articles (without the need for a distinct section) for bid team, city cultural players, partners, community and external/independent voices; - About the bid - this can provide some historical context, as well as the unique qualities of the 'six towns, one city' personality of Stoke-on-Trent. It should not separate the six towns out as the bid is a unifying campaign and the website will not carry that much content to justify six sub-sections across the site. Getting to the city and around it information can be linked to (e.g. Visit Stoke, transport pages), and carried in summary (e.g. maps) but it is not a tourism or events site so does not need extensive 'visit' content; - Development project archive - a robust and accessible public-facing archive of the development of the bid to include images, video, blog entries and other relevant content; - Resources - the facility to download information/files with factsheets, logos/guidelines, images, video, animation and other relevant content and links for those who want to get involved in some way; - Social media - clear signposting on homepage, but also through the architecture (and will be embedded in content also). A hashtag will be used also. - Highlights - an edited (e.g. not comprehensive listings function) events section to showcase what's on that is worth looking out for. This reinforces the diversity and quality of cultural provision across the city, and should maximise links to other sites, social media etc.; - Search function; - Contact - email, social media, postal as well as sign-up form; - Accessibility, Terms & conditions, privacy and other statutory notices; - Data capture - ability to capture and issue any updated data (e.g. a csv file) held on the website so that it is trackable and easily accessible. From a security perspective, we will need to know where the downloadable content would be hosted as we do not have servers for this purpose within the council - The content, design and any data gathered would remain the property of the city council and access to the Google Analytics account would need to be made available to city council or project staff - Should be able to link to our gov delivery e-newsletter - Consideration should be given to payment capabilities and the ability to integrate ecommerce functionality We will work with the successful agency, including supplying branding assets, and guidance on the tone of voice and key messages to communicate, as it needs to be clear, engaging and non-corporate. While the budget for this project is not high, we believe that the successful party will benefit greatly in kind and reputationally from being involved in the bid for the city. It is being commissioned from a group of partners working across Stoke-on-Trent for the benefit of area. We want whoever wins to embrace this ethos and see if as part of a bigger reputational picture where they have the opportunity to be involved with what we hope will be a defining point in history for the city. For consideration These can and should be demonstrated through your proposal, e.g. initial thoughts and credentials, but not through new creative/development work for the bid itself. - The new site must be as near to fully updateable in-house once built as possible, with predefined templates for adding new projects and pages. - Image slideshows and suggestions for more creative uses of branding, images and video. - Tagging and categorisation of content on the site as required. - Suggestions for the number and style/format of layouts of key page templates, which can be presented with visual references, site maps etc. as preferred. - Simple and effective integrated management of databases supporting e-communications (in-built or linked to other platforms e.g. MailChimp. - Integration of social media sites, both pulling in content and allowing content to be shared. - The site should incorporate Google Analytics, address up-to-date search engine optimisation and accessibility features. - Suggestions for how the website might be used as a fundraising tool for the bid or creatively assist with future fundraising and advocacy efforts. Once the site is built we would welcome an informal training session for the staff who will be responsible for the maintenance of the site. Requirements - Your approach to the brief and what you think are the important areas to consider (one side); - Examples of your work - annotated case studies and links; - Credentials for your company; - Team biographies of the people who will work on the project; - Full costings for the work; - A clear timeline for the work, including reporting and approval milestones. Budget The fee to develop the site to a full (phase 2) level is £3,500 + vat. Timeline The deadline for the above is Tuesday 14 June. The contract will start immediately and is to be completed within an agreed timeframe that we envisage will be approximately 6-8 weeks with at least one holding page being live by 24 June. Responding to the brief Agencies/freelancers are invited to express their interest in this project. If you are interested in this opportunity and require any further information, please contact: Emma Rodgers Strategic Manager (Communications and Marketing), Marketing and Communications, Chief Executive's Directorate, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Civic Centre, Glebe Street, Stoke-on-Trent, ST4 1HH T: 01782232309 E. Please send your proposal to Emma at:
Award CriteriaOther
Is the opportunity suitable for small and medium businessesYes
This is being advertised on the Stoke-on-Trent City Council website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Closing Date/Time14/06/2016 18:00:00
Contract Start Date2016-06-15 00:00:00
Contract End Date2017-03-30 00:00:00
Contact DetailsEmma Rodgers

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