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TitlePersonal Social Services Adult Social Care Survey
Contract Reference NumberPE - CYPS/2015/100
InformationStoke-on-Trent City Council will be conducting the Adult Social Care User Survey in February/March 2016. This is part of the Department of Health requirements in line with the National Minimum Data Set and Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework. The guidance for completing the survey sets out a minimum sample size and required response level can be found at Using the 2015 client base we anticipate that we will need to send out 1,823 surveys to meet the 5% confidence level, based on a 20% response rate. We need a total return of approximately 364 surveys to meet the minimum requirements. There are four different types of survey defined by the guidance, however, due to very little variation between the “community” and “residential” versions we use two surveys only. We use one for all Community Clients and a second for all Learning Disability clients. The example/ model questionnaires can be found at the below link - under “Questionnaires”, see 1a and 2a: However, we will provide the two versions we will use (you can adjust the formatting of these to fit in with your surveying/ printing software as necessary but the final versions will require sign off before commencing the exercise). Questionnaires must carry a sequential reference number so we can correlate responses to the demographic information/ client information we hold. • Clients with Learning Disabilities - required sample: 210 sent out, require 42 responses o 29 sides (15 pages), back to back, colour • All other clients - required sample: 1,613 sent out, require 322 responses o 16 sides (8 pages), back to back, black and white We will require a quote for the following: 1. Printing and mailing of postal questionnaires, to go out from 18th January, for two different clients as instructed, including a 3 sided cover letter with pictures for clients with learning disabilities and a 4 sided cover letter for all community clients. A reply paid envelope for return. 2. Mailing to non-respondents after three weeks. This will be double sided colour for clients with Learning Disabilities and single sided black and white for all community clients. 3. Checking and data entry of returned questionnaires - all question numbers in the data capture system. The question numbering and order must remain the same as those in the questionnaires. 4. Providing a completed spread sheet of results to the Council, raw data format in Excel Spread sheet or CSV file every week so we are able to batch process them. For the final results file, please include all results. The question numbering and order must remain the same as those in the questionnaires. Please give the quote broken down over the 4 items above based on an initial postal of 1,823. A reminder postal of 250. And a final return of 364 responses. Please note that these numbers may vary slightly depending on the initial responses. The survey must be completed and the results returned to us by 8th April 2016.
Award Criterialowest
Is the opportunity suitable for small and medium businessesYes
This is being advertised on the Stoke-on-Trent City Council website, Facebook, Twitter and Google+.
Closing Date/Time23/12/2015 16:00:00
Contract Start Date2016-01-11 00:00:00
Contract End Date2016-04-08 00:00:00
Contact DetailsRobert Campbell
01782 234289

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