Issue with payments receipts

If you get a 'failed receipt' error message when making a payment, once your card details have been submitted, do not try to make this payment again. To check payment call 01782 234234.

Policies, procedures and strategies directory - Community trigger procedure

A community trigger can be requested by a victim of anti-social behaviour or by a person acting on their behalf, such as a family member, friend, carer, councillor, Member of Parliament or other professional.

Agencies including local authorities, police forces, the NHS and local registered providers of social housing have a duty to undertake a case review where the case meets the threshold.

A case review does not replace an organisation’s complaints procedure. Any complaint about how the city council has responded to anti-social behaviour should be made to the city council’s corporate complaints team.

The community trigger will not prompt a review of decisions previously made by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS). If a victim is not satisfied with a decision made by the CPS they should refer to the CPS complaints process, and the Victims’ Right to Review Scheme.