Adult education courses - English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) - pre-entry

Your first steps to speaking English - introduction to entry level one
Number of sessions/duration of the course
14 guided learning hours
Course description

Pre-entry ESOL is a fun, short course to help you to speak English.

You will learn how to ask basic questions and respond with personal information. 

You will learn numbers, alphabet, months, days and time.

It is a speaking and listening course. No understanding of written English is needed.

The class has many different cultures, nationalities and first languages.

It is a relaxed and safe space to encourage you to speak.

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Is this course for me?

You do not need any prior English speaking or listening skills but you will need to attend an initial assessment to make sure you are working at the correct level.

Call 01782 234775 to book an assessment. 

Is this course accredited or non-accredited?
What equipment will I need for this course?
  • pens
  • pencil
  • notebook
  • folder
  • dictionary
  • a smartphone may be useful if you have one, but is not essential
Course cost £40
Cost to people receiving JSA, ESA, income support or universal credit free