£150 Energy Bill Rebate

All payments have been made to direct debit payers who have successfully passed the necessary checks. If you have not received your rebate, letters will be sent to eligible homes with a link to apply.

Energy Bill Rebate

Policies, procedures and strategies directory - Affordable housing supplementary planning document

We wish to create a city in which all people have reasonable access to housing. As part of this we need to ensure that their needs are integrated from the beginning of the planning process.

The ‘Affordable Housing’ Supplementary Planning Document aims to ensure that appropriate provision is made for affordable housing i.e. housing that is available to people who cannot afford to occupy homes generally available on the open market. The Supplementary Planning Document provides detailed guidance on a range of affordable housing issues.

The Affordable Housing Supplementary Planning Document was approved by the City Council on 27 March 2008 and formally adopted on 30 May 2008.