Report bins left out early


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Use this form to report bins left out early only within Stoke-on-Trent

Use this form to report bins or rubbish regularly being left out for long periods of time (more than several days) or not being taken in at all.

Bins can be left out after 7pm the night before collection and should be taken in by 7pm on the day of collection.

We will take residents' personal circumstances, such as illness or shift work, into consideration when investigating. We cannot inform you of specific outcomes of investigations but we can use the information you tell us to investigate the issue.

Homes joined by an adopted alleyway must keep their bins within the boundaries of the property

We cannot investigate problems with bins being left on unadopted alleyways. Speak to your local councillor about adopting the alleyway.  

We are unable to take action if it is a one-off problem   

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