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Local litter picking heroes urge public to bin their rubbish

Published: Monday, 13th September 2021

Local residents have been working hard to keep our city clean, but they need help. Stoke-on-Trent City Council are urging all residents and visitors to bin their litter, or take it home with them.

Across the city, teams of volunteer litter pickers have been tidying up parks, roads, grass verges and other areas. Litter is dangerous to wildlife, looks unsightly and has a negative impact on house prices. Dealing with litter also places a significant burden on local councils, costing the taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds each year at the price of investment in other local services.

Rob Hewitt, of Meir Park litter picks around once a week to help out his local community. He said: “People always give me positive comments and a thumbs up as they drive past. Hopefully it will encourage others to do the same and also encourage people that drop their litter to think twice and be responsible by putting it in one of the many bins around the city.”

There are approximately 2,000 litter bins across the city which are all emptied regularly. The servicing of litter bins varies depending on location. High footfall locations are emptied daily, others at least weekly. 

Sharon Ridge is from the Friends of Fenton Park community group who regularly organise litter picking in the park. She said: “It’s great to see the community all working together to improve the area as we are very proud of our lovely park. Being part of a community that wants to make the area a better place for everyone, including the wildlife, does wonders for your mental health.”

Councillor Carl Edwards, cabinet member for housing and environment said: “Dropping litter is a disgusting habit that is a scourge on the city and the wider community. I would like to thank all of the many residents who are helping to clear up our city but they should not need to be doing this. No one should be dropping litter. We remind all residents and visitors to the city to please dispose of litter properly, use the street litter bins provided or take it home with you.”