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Help for people with sight and hearing problems

If you or someone you care for (whether an adult or a child) has sight or hearing problems, we can:

  • help to decide if you need special equipment to help and in some cases provide this
  • offer training on day-to-day living skills such as cooking, getting around and communicating
  • tell you more about equipment that can be bought to help a people with sight or hearing problems
  • tell you about benefits which you may be entitled to
  • offer advice about applying for housing or interpreters

You can ask your social worker for more information or contact us on the details below. You can also ask for an assessment for friends or family members if they have a visual or hearing impairment.

We will come out to your house, or invite you to the independent living centre. We will ask some questions about you and the areas of life where you are struggling, after which we may:

  • provide you with some equipment to help you to live safely and independently at home 
  • arrange some mobility or life skills training to help you to be independent if you have a visual impairment 
  • advise you where you may purchase other items to support yourself 
  • signpost you to other agencies that can provide other more suitable support 

We can only provide these services to people eligible for our help. If you are eligible for services, you will not be charged for any equipment or support we provide. You can also buy equipment yourself from the Ability Aware independent living centre.