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Become a member of our sports and leisure centres

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  1. Global membership and discounts
  2. Fenton Manor
  3. Wallace Sports and Education Centre
  4. Dimensions

Global membership and discounts

You can sign up for a new gym membership to attend Fenton Manor, Dimensions or the Wallace.

For all members, existing and new, facilities and activities will be free to use throughout August 2020. Following this, membership fees will be capped at £10 for September 2020, with a view to membership packages returning to normal after the full range of facilities and services resume.

During August, we are also giving all members ‘global’ access, so they will be able to use any of the facilities available at Fenton Manor, Dimensions and The Wallace.

Membership includes a six-month Direct Debit contract plus one-month cancellation period. 

For more information, phone one of the centres (Shapes at Fenton Manor 01782 233222, Dimensions 01782 233500, The Wallace 01782 233555) or Email leisure services

Special rates are available for full-time students, those aged 60-plus and corporate guests.

Contact leisure services for details and for full terms and conditions.