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Assessments for adults who are elderly or have a disability and carers

Who has to pay?

You should seek independent financial advice to ensure your money goes as far as possible and allows you to plan and make choices for your future.

To see how much you can afford to pay we need to carry out a financial assessment to look at your income (including benefits), outgoings and savings, capital and investments. 

  • savings less than £14,250 will not be included in your financial assessment
  • you will only be means tested on the income you receive
  • savings, capital and investments above £14,250 are included in your financial assessment and means you will have to pay a contribution towards your care fees
  • savings, capital and investments above £23,250 means you are not eligible for any financial support. 

The type of care you are receiving determines if your property is to be included in the means test.