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Online forms: Tell us what you think of the proposed improvements to Bucknall New Road

The City Council is proposing to implement measures to improve both the performance of the Potteries Way / Bucknall New Road Junction and traffic flow along Bucknall New Road.

The planned prosals include -

  • Widening of Bucknall New Road including an additional lane for westbound traffic into the City Centre to reduce congestion and improve the
  • Provision of new dedicated right turn facilities to reduce congestion and improve road safety
  • Improvement to the operation of the traffic signals at the junction with the Potteries Way, reducing congestion for all vehicles and also prioritising buses where possible.
  • Creation of a wide footway / cycleway on both sides of the road to encourage greater use of walking and cycling as a safe and sustainable means of transport.

This questionnaire is intended to obtain your comments on the proposed improvements to Bucknall New Road. Any information you provide will be stored by the City Council and will only be used for the purpose of deciding if and how the proposed scheme should be taken forward.  No individual’s name or personal information will be included in any subsequent Council reports.

Full plan view

Detailed plan view