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Remembrance tributes and plaques - Wilford granite seat plaque

These striking granite features are available to lease in all of our city cemeteries except Trentham.

There are also a few seats located in our babies' and children’s gardens located at Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium.

Each polished granite seat is 4ft long.

Each plaque will display a suitable message of your choice in gold lettering.

Families must buy all three plaques for the seat when ordering a Wilford seat.

Lease period
Ten years - you can renew after this time.
  • Wilford seat plaque - £735
  • renewal of Wilford seat plaque - £410

The location of the seat must be discussed prior to ordering. 

If you choose not to renew the lease, we will remove the plaque.

Call to discuss location
01782 235050