Remembrance tributes and plaques - Rose bush and standard rose

A beautiful way to remember a loved one is to lease a rose in their memory.

Special areas have been set aside and planted with roses at in the garden of remembrance Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium.
A wide variety of species and colours are available, including tall standard roses and smaller rose bushes.
We take care to produce a colourful display throughout the year, to make our cemeteries a pleasant and attractive place to visit. 
Each rose has a marker, bearing a suitable message. 

Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium garden of remembrance
Lease period
Five years - the lease can be renewed after this time.
  • Standard rose and marker - £360
  • Rose bush and marker - £360
  • renewal of Standard Rose - £215
  • renewal of Rose Bush - £215

You can witness the marker being placed. Contact us to make an appointment.

If the rose remains in good condition at the end of the lease period you will be able to renew the lease. 
If you choose not to renew the lease, we will remove the marker from display.
If the rose dies within the five-year period, we will replace it free of charge with the same or similar variety.

Call to discuss location
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