Remembrance tributes and plaques - Hexagonal columbarium

The hexagonal columbarium is made out of re-constituted granite for the placement of cremation ashes.

The columbarium is made up of 18 secure niches, each niche will hold up to two sets of cremation ashes.

Each alcove is covered with a granite plaque with a suitable message of your choice in gold lettering.

Flower containers are also provided around the base of the unit.

Site of the former Burslem Chapel
Lease period
Five years - the lease can be renewed after this time.

Each of the following is for a five-year lease period:

  • hexagonal columbarium including name plate and casket - £690
  • hexagonal columbarium niche renewal - £315
  • second interment into columbarium niche - £325

The location of the plaque must be discussed prior to ordering.

If you choose not to renew the lease we can arrange to have the ashes removed from the niche at the end of the lease and an alternative method of disposal can be arranged (there may be additional charges for alternative options).

You may wish to keep the cremation ashes once they have been removed from the niche and take them home.

Call to discuss location
01782 235050