Remembrance tributes and plaques - Arboria plaque

These attractively-designed wooden plaques allow you to have an inscription of your choice in natural-coloured lettering that complements the style of the plaque.

Four types of plaque are available to choose from:

  • inscription (message) only
  • inscription with engraved motif
  • inscription and engraved motif (in colour)
  • inscription with ceramic photograph
Book of remembrance room, Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium
Lease period
Ten years - you can renew after this time.

All of the following are for a ten-year lease period.

  • Text-only plaque - £245
  • Renewal of text-only plaque - £170
  • Text and motif plaque - £295
  • Renewal of text and motif plaque - £195
  • Text and motif in colour plaque - £330
  • Renewal of text and motif colour - £225
  • Text and ceramic photograph plaque - £340
  • Renewal of text and ceramic photograph plaque - £245


The location of the plaque must be discussed before ordering. 

If you choose not to renew the lease, we will remove the plaque from display and sensitively dispose of it.

Call to discuss location
01782 235050