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Properties available to let or buy - Spode Works, Stoke

From £2,270 pa
The Spode factory in Stoke-on-Trent was set up by Josiah Spode in late 18th century and the production of high quality ceramics was continuous on the site for over 230 years.
This site was the first to mass-produce bone china and the town of Stoke was built around it.

When the Spode Company entered into
administration, the city council acquired the factory to preserve and regenerate the site.

Extensive master planning has been undertaken which has established that there is a viable future for the site, as a creative village.

This has been branded Spode Works and will involve the retention of the buildings of
greatest heritage value and their re-use for a range of uses focused on firms from the arts and creative sector, coupled with selective demolition and new build development.