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Cemeteries - Carmountside Cemetery and Crematorium

Leek Road
Telephone number
01782 235050
Opening hours
Office opening times:
Monday to Thursday: 9am to 4.30pm
Friday: 9am to 4pm

Telephone and email enquires only.

Attendance at Carmountside Crematorium

The live webcast service is available at an additional cost, the easy to use live streaming service is available for up to 150 viewers per service enabling them to watch from the safety of their own home and giving the reassurance of their presence at the service.  28 day watch again facilities, DVD and Blue-Ray recordings are also available at an additional cost.


It is important the mourners should:

  • practice careful hand and respiratory hygiene
  • avoid touching their eyes, nose, and mouth
  • cover their cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in a bin

It is currently expected new graves will be available until approximately 2042.


  • large chapel, seating 150, which is available for services
  • new full earth graves  
  • re-open graves 
  • graves for cremation ashes 
  • woodland park environmentally-friendly burial area 
  • sweet dreams and butterfly garden children's and babies' burial and cremation ashes area
    • the butterfly area is still used for cremation ashes
    • butterfly dreams garden offers the choice of private graves where families can have a personalised memorial or a shared grave
    • areas where families can leave personal mementos
    • Wendy houses provide a place where many people place personal mementoes
    • during the Christmas period a tree is placed in each of the gardens where families can sponsor the star lights in memory of their loved ones
    • features in the garden are funded by donations collected from the wishing well and from donations made following chapel services.
  • war memorial
  • private gardens 

After a burial in a lawn grave has taken place, the grave will be topped up as necessary as the ground settles. Graves are usually turfed between October and March, prior to any turf being laid the ground must be allowed to settle. This takes up to six months. This can be about three months after the burial or up to six months if the burial takes place in spring or summer.  We will not normally turf during the summer months, instead we wait until September/October when weather conditions are more suitable.

All memorial items should be placed on the memorial foundation - not the grass. Don't use items that will break, such as glass or earthenware, and make sure that all items left are safe and appropriate. 

We will contact you to ask that unsuitable items be removed within two weeks. If we think that something causes an immediate danger to staff or visitors or makes it difficult for us to carry out grounds maintenance, we will remove it immediately.

Following a burial funeral wreaths and other floral tributes will be removed two weekends after the burial.

All Christmas wreaths and floral tributes are removed on or after the third Monday in January.