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Council Tax Refunds

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Use this form for the following:

  • A transfer of overpayment to another Council Tax account.
  • A refund of overpayment to your bank or building society account.
  • A refund of overpayment on behalf of a deceased person.

If you paid your Council Tax by Direct Debit we will normally use these details to issue any refund. If you don’t pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, we will need your bank details so that we can organise a BACS refund. Occasionally, a credit can occur due to an error and if this is found to be the case we have the right to refuse the refund request. Sometimes a dispute over a refund can arise between individuals who have been jointly liable for a bill. For example, in the case of a relationship breakdown where one party has moved out. The Local Authority will not become involved in disputes of this nature as we expect the parties concerned to reach a mutual resolution.

If you believe you are due a refund due to a change in circumstances, such as somebody leaving the property, or if a discount or exemption is required, please contact us about this first. Further information at https://www.stoke.gov.uk/counciltax

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