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Please use this form to report general environmental issues or request a clear up of untidy areas.

Your request will be responded to within 10 working days, however due to the nature of the issue this may not mean resolved in that time.

If your matter is concerning any urgent environmental issues such as broken glass, needles/syringes or bodily fluids then please report these by calling us on 01782 234234.

Streets, pavements and alleyways are cleaned on a schedule which is determined by a number of factors including footfall and weather conditions.

Businesses can also request private land to be swept for a cost.

We cannot deal with issues that are:

  • we will not sweep the A50 / A500 please contact the highways agency on 0300 123 500
  • on a railway please contact Network Rail
  • on canals or rivers please contact the Canal and River Trust.
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