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Illegal fireworks containing eleven kilograms of gunpowder seized following trading standards operation

Published: Thursday, 4th November 2021

A shop in Longton is under investigation today (Thursday) after being found storing fireworks containing eleven kilograms of gunpowder illegally, as part of a trading standards operation.

Stoke-on-Trent City Council teams carried out the operation following a complaint that a premises in Longton was storing fireworks without a licence. Officers attended the premises and found thirty-six packs of fireworks being stored illegally without the business having the necessary licence.

Fireworks are explosives and potentially incredibly dangerous, so they need careful storage and handling. The fireworks were on open display on the shop floor with no means to prevent accidental ignition or restrict the spread of a fire.  This posed a risk to the safety of the business, the public, and neighbouring businesses. All of the fireworks have been seized and the trader will now be formally investigated.

Councillor Carl Edwards, Cabinet Member for Housing and Environment said: “Fireworks are very popular at this time of year and the city council is keen that residents can enjoy them safely. If you plan to sell fireworks you must have a storage licence from the city council.

“Fireworks are explosives and could have devastating effects in the event of a fire. This particular case was incredibly dangerous as the fireworks were on open display in the shop with no means to protect the public or prevent all thirty-six packs from igniting in the event of a spark or fire.

“Our teams will crack down on those who put people at risk. We will always take action against anyone found to be involved in the illegal and unsafe storage of fireworks.”

If any residents or businesses have concerns over the sale or storage of fireworks, they can contact the trading standards team on: