School artwork on track to improve railway station

Published: Friday, 6th July 2018

Colourful artwork created by pupils from a Stoke-on-Trent school will help to brighten up a railway station in the city.

The posters, which celebrate trains and heritage in the Potteries, were designed and put together by youngsters from Abbey Hill School and Performing Arts College in Meir.

Pupils and teachers will visit Longton Railway Station for the official unveiling of the display at 2pm on Tuesday, July 10.

The project was organised by the North Staffordshire Community Rail Partnership (NSCRP), which has been involved with training the young people how to use public transport independently.

Key stage two pupils were asked to help to promote rail travel by designing posters based on trains and significant features in the local area.

The artwork was created using a mixture of collage materials. It has a train theme and each design also has a pottery link.

The children completed the project as part of their ‘enquiry’ curriculum, using research skills to find out about the history of transport. They worked together for three days to design and create the posters, with help from local artist Nadia Hill.

The pupils’ teacher, Chantal Hirst, said: “The children were extremely enthusiastic about being chosen to produce the artwork and having the opportunity to create such an important piece.

“They are excited that their work will be on show and are extremely proud of what they have achieved. Seeing the work displayed in public will reinforce to the children that they can do anything if they put their minds to it. It enables them to understand that what they do can have a positive impact on their community, not just their school.

“The pictures emphasise just how imaginative and creative our children can be regardless of any barriers they may face.”

Councillor Daniel Jellyman, city council cabinet member for regeneration, transport and heritage, said: “The pupils’ work is a fantastic celebration of the heritage of our city and the pottery industry, as well as the history of transport in the area. We’re delighted that rail passengers in Longton will be able to enjoy this display.

“This artwork will help to brighten up the station – and getting young people involved in projects which regenerate their local area is vitally important. It shows children that they can get involved in improving their community and also helps to build a sense of pride in their city.”

Claire Sandys, community rail partnership officer, said: “The art work will brighten up the station for our passengers and help to create a more colourful and interesting space.

“Railways have always played a vital role within local communities and they become better gateways when communities are engaged in making them more welcoming for passengers and visitors.”

Longton Station is looked after by a dedicated and hard working group of adopters who plant, weed and water the flower baskets and beds and pick up litter when necessary. To find out more about the station adoption programme and to get involved with adopting a station along the North Staffordshire route (Crewe-Stoke-Derby), please visit

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