Wintry weather affects services, but crews out in force to keep city moving

Published: Monday, 11th December 2017

Residents are being assured that crews are out in force to keep the city moving, in the face of continued wintry weather.

Gritting teams and bin crews are continuing to work throughout the day, but residents are being advised to leave bins out if wagons cannot access streets today or tomorrow – they will be collected as soon as the weather thaws.

Gritting teams were out across the city 15 times over the weekend, spreading 630 tonnes of salt and using snow plough fittings to clear snow flurries. Crews were out again until 11am today (Monday) to treat main roads for ice, as temperatures dipped following more overnight snowfall. Crews are also refilling grit bins on estates and roads.

Teams are keeping a careful watch on the weather throughout the day, and will be out again this evening as one of the coldest nights of the year is forecast – temperatures could tumble to more than -10 degrees Celsius in rural spots.

Councillor Daniel Jellyman, cabinet member for regeneration, transport and heritage, said: “A lot of areas of the city experienced five-six inches of snow over the weekend and into the early hours of Monday. The forecast is that it will get much colder before beginning to thaw out during the middle and end of the week.

“I want to reassure residents and motorists that we are working round the clock to keep the city moving. Our crews have kept main routes in the city clear, have been refilling grit bins on estates and on hills, and are turning to secondary routes to improve traffic flow.

“We urge all road users and pedestrians to take precautions in the wintry weather – some pavements will remain slippy underfoot, and motorists are advised to plan extra travel time into their journeys to allow for snow, water and ice on roads.”

All council waste collection crews have been deployed today covering 28 routes across the city. However, some streets are not accessible – if residents find their bins are not collected, they are advised to leave them out for catch-up crews later in the week.

Councillor Anthony Munday, cabinet member for greener city, development and leisure, said: “Waste collections will be completed wherever possible, but crews are reporting that they cannot safely access some streets because of the snow and ice. We are very likely to face the same situation tomorrow, so for the time being, will be making a priority of collecting grey bins – recycling collections will only take place when grey bins are completed. This is likely to impact residents who are due recycling collections in Weston Coyney and estates off Anchor Road and Park Hall Road tomorrow.

“We ask residents for their patience and understanding at this time. Our crews will be out on catch-up rounds as soon as the weather thaws.”

A number of primary and secondary schools are closed in the city today, as are The Crescent Children’s Centre in Meir, Treehouses Children’s Centre in Bentilee and Blurton Children’s Centre. Residents can check latest school closures lists via:

Council leader Dave Conway said: “It is especially important to plan journeys, think carefully about travel plans and whether or not they are really necessary, and to make extra contingencies during the cold weather.

“Please also think about your neighbours, particularly those who are older or less mobile and who may struggle to make trips to the shops or get outside in the cold weather.”

Residents and motorists can sign-up for gritting alerts via, and can follow @stokehighways on social media.

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