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COVID-19 vaccine deployment: Carers

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  1. Frontline social care workers
  2. Unpaid carers

Unpaid carers

Guidance for unpaid carers

The government have announced that unpaid carers across England , who care for a person vulnerable to COVID-19 can come forward for a vaccination. 

Unpaid carers across Stoke-on-Trent are being contacted to receive their first COVID-19 vaccination. Carers must provide that they are:

  • Eligible for a carer's allowance
  • Identified as a primary carer by their GP
  • Receiving support following a carer's assessment by the city council or carer's organisation
  • Sole or primary carer who provides close personal care or face to face support for someone who is clincally vulnerable to COVID-19.

All unpaid carers will be contacted directly by the NHS when it is their turn to book your appointment to receive the vaccination. Carers will be provuded with information on local vaccine sites or a large vaccination centre.

If you are an unpaid carer and unsure if you are eligible, please click here to visit the local carers organisation or contact us directly by emailing

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What do unpaid carers need to do to prepare for the vaccine:

  1. Wait to be contacted by the NHS. 
  2. Organise alternative support for the person you care for.
  3. When arriving for your appointment make sure that you have confirmation of your appointment along with your photo ID and your NHS number.