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Lateral flow testing for businesses

Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire  is one of the first areas to pilot the new Lateral Flow Test (LFT).  By widening our offer of testing, we can identify more people who have the virus and need to self-isolate, which in turn stops the spread of infection and reduces the number of cases.

We are targeting the tests in several settings including education providers, public sector partners, care providers, and communities where the case rates are highest. We have already started testing in a number of these settings and we are looking to scale up over the next few weeks.  If you are a business and can fulfil these basic criteria, we are keen to hear from you.


  • Your own Occupational Health Team or other equivalent staff such as first aiders willing to be trained to oversee the LFT test process 
  • Sufficient space to conduct the tests (following social distancing rules) and area to wait for results 
  • Willingness to test regularly (daily, weekly or fortnightly) and share results with the Council /NHS  

Local businesses who are now part of our testing programme include Unitas and Portmeririon


If you would like to register your interest or arrange a further discussion with the team, please get in touch by emailing