Protective screens

Protective screens for taxis

In light of the COVID-19 virus and the impact it is having on the hackney carriage and private hire trade, Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s licensing section is happy to allow vehicles to have a protective screen installed in their vehicles but would urge drivers to follow the guidance below:

This is to enable as many of our licensed drivers the ability to safely continue working throughout the outbreak, assisting where possible in attempting to mitigate the risks to drivers and passengers of inadvertently contracting the virus.

The screen should be fitted behind the driver and front passenger seat (in-between the rear passenger compartment and the driver).  It is recommended that drivers insist all rear seated passengers wear the seatbelts provided.

The protective screen:

  • Must comply with relevant safety, UK and European Community (EC) legislation.
  • Must be clear and transparent;
  • Must only be fitted across the rear of both front seats of a vehicle creating a partition between the front and rear seats;
  • Must not affect the vehicle passing its MOT;
  • Must not affect the adjustment of the driver’s seat
  • Must not wrap around the driver seat and create a partition between the two front seats, in addition to the rear seating area.
  • Must not impair the safety of the passengers or driver
  • Must be fitted in such a way so as to not affect the structural integrity of the vehicle, or interfere with any manufacturer fitted safety equipment e.g. airbags;
  • Must be cleaned with a suitable antimicrobial, or disinfectant substance at the conclusion of each fare
  • You Must have notified your insurance company that you wish to install a protective screen
  • We would recommend that you avoid accepting cash wherever possible.

Up-to-date vehicle guidance can be found here: