Proposed red routes and bus lane removals

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Proposed red routes

Red routes are a way of making sure the best use is made of roads, improving the flow of traffic and helping to reduce congestion, through road improvements and dedicated loading areas for delivery vehicles where required.

The measures are complemented by better enforcement of illegal and inappropriately-parked vehicles. 

We carried out an initial consultation earlier this year on proposals to introduce red routes along various strategic transport routes in the city and have reviewed all comments and objections received from residents, businesses and other organisations.

We have now amended the proposals where it was considered safe and not unduly detrimental to traffic flow to do so while still maintaining the aims of the red routes.

These amendments include additional loading and parking facilities along the various routes.

The most significant outcome of this review is the removal of the sections of the red routes on:

  • Market Place and Moorland Road (from Price Street to Jackson Street), Burslem
  • Williamson Street and High Street, Tunstall. This consultation now includes the removal of the bus lane between Haymarket and Woodland Street
  • The Strand and Transport Lane, Longton
  • Stoke Town centre, including Church Street, Londsdale Street, Fleming Road, Campbell Place, Hartshill Road and Shelton Old Road.

This now means that the routes are:

  • Route 1a: Waterloo Road and Swan Square
  • Route 1b: Wedgwood Street, Scotia Road and High Street (Sandyford)
  • Route 2: Commerce Street, Market Street and King Street
  • Route 3: City Road and Victoria Road (from Victoria Place to Dewsbury Road)
  • Route 5: Leek Road (from Joiners Square to City Road), College Road (from Avenue Road to Station Road) and Station Road

The revised proposals for red routes and the bus lane removals are available to view by following the links.

The formal Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) associated with all of these proposals will be advertised in The Sentinel on Friday, December 14 and can be viewed in the main reception of the Civic Centre, Glebe Street, Stoke-on-Trent.  

See the documents

Objection to the proposals or TRO must be made in writing to giving the reasons for your objection.  

Objections must be received no later than Friday, January 11.  

Any objections received after this date will not be considered.