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Care for an adult with learning disabilities in your home

About Shared Lives carers

Carers need plenty of patience, flexibility, dedication and a spare room for the person to live in. 

The key to Shared Lives is the safety and wellbeing of the person being looked after, so you will be expected to undergo a number of checks.

You can have any style of home as long as it meets our fire, health and safety requirements and is in good repair and decoration. 

If you apply and are successful in becoming a carer under our Shared Lives scheme:

  • you will receive a fortnightly allowance for caring for the person (calculated based on their level of need)
  • you will go through an assessment, including an application form, home visit and an interview - the approval process usually takes around three months
  • you may be asked to complete the Care Certificate
  • you'll get regular visits from us and the chance to meet other carers plus advice whenever you need it

You will need to provide:

  • a comfortable, furnished bedroom for the person to have sole use of during their stay
  • use of the communal areas in your home, such as living room, kitchen, bathroom and gardens
  • a healthy, varied diet including meals, snacks and drinks
  • some help with day-to-day-living, such as laundry and personal care