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Equipment to help around the house

We can help to provide equipment for people with mobility problems, such as:

  • a pendant you press if you need help perhaps after falling over, or because you feel unwell
  • a smoke detector linked to a monitoring station, so someone will phone the fire service straight away 
  • a bogus caller button next to your front door - if you are concerned about a person who comes to your door, you can press and talk to someone immediately 
  • sensors to turn on the lights if you get out of bed at night, so you do not trip over anything in the dark

We provide, fit and maintain the equipment, and monitor it from our Stoke-on-Trent-based control centre.

If you need support, our team is there 24 hours a day, every single day to answer your calls and give assistance.  

We can:

  • call your relatives or friends if that is what you want us to do 
  • send a trained responder to help pick you up after a fall, or to check on you if you are unwell 
  • call an ambulance or fire engine if you need one 

Many people choose to buy these services from us, but some people who are eligible do get the equipment and services paid for by us. 

You can also borrow the following free of charge:

  • a grab rail fitted to your wall that you can hold onto 
  • a bath board that you can sit on in the bath, to make it easier to get in and out 
  • a walking stick or walking frame 
  • a hoist that a carer can use to help you out of the bath or bed