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Adult weight management and wellbeing programme

Y-Weight Adult Weight Management Programme

Y-Weight Adult Weight Management Programme

Join one of our FREE weight loss and wellbeing programmes. Learn how to lose weight and keep it off. 

The 12-week, Y-Weight programme offers you a fun way to make an informed decision about which dietary approach works best for you.

To take part you must be aged 18+, have a BMI of 28-plus and be a resident of Stoke-on-Trent.      

The programme includes:
•    Fun group sessions for between 10 and 15 participants 
•    Content delivered by a trained health educator.
•    A different topic each week
•    A handy resource folder containing tips and advice
•    FREE use of community exercise classes and FREE access to gym/pool facilities (booking restrictions may apply) for six weeks

Sessions include:
•    Understanding the foods we eat.
•    Different dietary approaches
•    Dietary assessment - making changes.
•    Goal setting
•    Understanding food labelling 
•    The role of physical activity, stress and sleep plays in weight loss
•    Gut health

Limited places available. 

To check if you are eligible for the programme, please call the lifestyle service on 0800 085 0928 or email