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I've received an annual canvass household enquiry form

You will have received a canvass communication as part of the ‘annual canvass’. This is carried out every year to ensure that the register of electors is up-to-date when the revised version is published on December 1.

We are commencing the third and final stage of the canvass.

If you have received a Canvass Form a response is required either to confirm the content is accurate or to make any changes. Each household is required by law to make sure the details on the form are correct.

All eligible residents need to be included on the Canvass Form.

Eligible residents are:

  • People who are aged 16 years or over (although they will not be avle to vote until they are 18)
  • British, Irish or EU citizens or
  • A Commonwealth citizen who has leave to reamin in the UK or who does not require leave to remain in the UK

Reply to the annual canvass online, via SMS using the unique code on the front of your Canvass Form or by returning the form in the pre-paid envelope.

Failure to provide the information could result in a fine of up to £1,000 and removal from the register

Reply to the annual canvass online