Assessments for adults who are elderly or have a disability

There is help available for people in the city who are vulnerable, elderly or have disabilities. These include:

  • personal budgets: money to pay for the support you need, which can be held and managed either by us, by you as a Direct Payment, or paid directly to a care provider of your choice
  • Direct Payments: this is where you are given the money which would be spent on your care and you spent it (with certain restrictions) in the way you feel would best help you
  • home help: when care workers visit people in their own home to give them the help they need with things like washing or dressing
  • respite care: a short stay in a residential or nursing home or day care, to give them or the people looking after them a break
  • equipment to help people move around and live in their own homes more independently, such as hand rails, bathing equipment, hoists, stairlifts or ramps

We will need to carry out an assessment to decide what help would be best for you.

Call the number below to start an assessment or ask for advice.