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Hanley public space protection order consultation

We are looking at introducing a public space protection order to ban antisocial behavior in the city centre, Hanley Park and Etruria (Octagon Retail Park and Festival Park) areas. 

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Some behaviour taking place in these areas is having a negative effect on the community and the public space protection order would ban these types of behaviour. The ban would apply to everyone who enters, lives and work in City Centre, Hanley Park and Etruria (Octagon Retail Park and Festival Park).

We are proposing:

  • no-one in these areas can have an open container of alcohol on them except in the grounds of a licensed premises or at an organised licensed event
  • no-one shall persistently or aggressively beg, including begging near a cash machine or in a way reasonably perceived to be intimidating or a nuisance
  • no-one is allowed to use a public toilet other than for the reasons for which they were intended. Acts which are prohibited include but are not limited to, using the facilities for sleeping in, sexual acts and taking substances
  • no-one can assemble, erect, occupy or use a tent, except at an organised licenced event which has been approved by the city council

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Email us at by December 20, to give us your feedback.