Apply for a waste permit

You need a permit to dispose of waste at our tips if you are using a trailer or are in a commercial-type vehicle, including hired vehicles. The permits are valid for 12 months, or five if you have hired or borrowed the vehicle. 

What can I take to the tip?

You can apply for and collect waste permits from any of our customer service centres. You can apply for a free permit . Bring two of the following:

  • V5 document (or lease agreement if you lease your vehicle)
  • DWP letter dated within the last two months 
  • utility bill dated within the last two months 
  • current council tax bill 
  • current valid full UK driving licence 
  • bank statement dated within the last two months 
  • credit card statement dated within the last two months 

Find your nearest customer service centres

You will also need:

  • If you have borrowed a vehicle from your employer, we will need a letter from them saying you are allowed to use their vehicle
  • Self-employed people must bring a copy of the duty of care issued by their trade waste carrier or proof of how they dispose of business waste
  • If you have hired a vehicle for more than two days we will need to see the hire agreement
  • If you have hired a vehicle for two days or less you don’t need a permit. Take your hire agreement and proof of your address to the tip and show it at the gate when you arrive. You will be asked to complete a form.

Cars can use the sites to dispose of household and garden waste without a permit.

Vehicles requiring a waste permit are:

  • trailers
  • commercial-type vehicles (vans)
  • hired or borrowed vans (for longer than two days)
  • car-derived vehicles with no side windows
  • pick-up trucks
  • campervans