Urgent financial help

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  1. Urgent financial help
  2. Community planned support

If you are in immediate crisis and need help with food, gas or electric ring us on 01782 238888 (Monday to Friday from 8.45am to 5pm).  

You can ask for help if you don't have enough food, gas or electricity (or money to pay for these) to meet an immediate need that puts your health and safety at risk. This would normally be because of an unexpected event you couldn't have planned for, like a fire or a flood. 

We cannot support you if you have simply overspent or failed to budget.

If you need food we will provide you with food vouchers or a foodbank referral.

If you need gas or electric, and are on a pre-payment meter, we will give you a voucher you can take to any PayPoint to top up your card or key.
We may also be able to help you with clothing and travel costs.

You can call us for free from:

  • Tunstall, 142 High Street, Tunstall, ST6 5TP 
  • Chell Heath, Cornhill Road, Chell Heath, ST6 6PN 
  • Hanley, One Smithfield,Leonard Coates Way, ST1 4FA
  • Abbey Hulton, 71 Abbots Road, Abbey Hulton, ST2 8DU 
  • Longton, 1 Commerce Street, Longton, ST3 1NW 
  • Blurton, 111 Finstock Avenue, Blurton, ST3 3JU 
  • Meir, 737 – 739 Uttoxeter Road, Meir, ST3 5PD 
  • Fenton, 5 Baker Street, Fenton, ST4 3AF