Online forms: Weston Coyney Road and Sutherland Road junction proposal

We are proposing measures to help improve congestion and delays to motorists at the junction of Weston Coyney Road and Sutherland Road, following feedback from residents, and would like to hear your opinions on the suggestions.

The proposals include;

  • a change in vehicle priority at the junction of Weston Coyney Road and Sutherland Road
  • an extension to the existing footpath with pedestrian dropped kerbs around the junction

Your views are important to us in helping decide how to take these proposals forward.

View a map of the proposals before answering

We will ensure all comments are taken seriously and given consideration before making any changes to the proposed scheme.

Due to the normally-high response levels to consultations, we will not be able to respond individually to responses to the consultation but if significant changes come from the consultation we will speak further with those directly affected by any changes.

We will report the outcome of this consultation to the city council, particularly where we have received comments which we are unable to resolve, who will then make a decision on how to progress the scheme.

If agreed, the final proposals are currently planned to be carried out early 2020 but this may change depending on the outcome of the consultation.

If the scheme progresses to the construction stage, further information on both the timing of the work and associated traffic management will be provided to businesses and local residents in the area before any start on site.

Any information you provide in this survey will be stored by the city council and will only be used for the purpose of deciding if and how the proposed scheme should be taken forward.

No individual’s name or personal information will be included in any subsequent council reports.

Closing date: November 15, 2019