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Online forms: Apply for an allotment or tell us about a problem with an allotment

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Our allotments are intended primarily for use by people who live in Stoke-on-Trent. 

You must be 18 or older to apply for an allotment.

Allotment rents vary according to whether the site is self-managed or council run, and the size of the plot but the average rent is about £70 per year and you will be invoiced once a year.

Once you've filled in the application we will put your name on the waiting list of the site closest to your address or the site you have asked for if your application is successful. 

When a plot is available we will contact you by telephone. If you do not return our calls or your phone number no longer works, we will remove your application from the waiting list.  

Some of our allotment sites are now self-managed. This means that they are leased to allotment associations made up of the tenants who then set their own rents and take care of their own administration. Other sites remain under our direct management. Most of these sites have site secretaries who help out on a voluntary basis. They provide advice and guidance to tenants and contact us with any matters arising on site.

We want our allotments to be used by people from all sections of the community.

Whatever you chose to grow on your plot, you must expect to start work as soon as possible after you are offered the plot and keep the plot in good condition at all times.

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