Issue with payments receipts

If you get a 'failed receipt' error message when making a payment, once your card details have been submitted, do not try to make this payment again. To check payment call 01782 234234.

Joint local plan documents - Adopted statement of community involvement - May 2015

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and Stoke-on-Trent City Council adopted a Joint Statement of Community Involvement.

This sets out how and when the councils involve the community in both plan-making and the determination of a planning application. In particular it aims to improve:

  • opportunities for involving the community and the way in which planning information is made available
  • understanding of the plan making process and process of determining a planning application
  • decision making informed by valuable local knowledge
  • engagement with the development industry and a better understanding of both developers and landowners aspirations at an early stage
  • opportunities to work together to bring forward development in the public interest
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning service