Accommodation Commissioning Team

The Accommodation Commissioning Team commisions housing-related support services that help vulnerable people to live independently.  Housing related support includes things like:

  • Help to find and set up a new home
  • accessing an alarm system or telecare
  • access to training, employment, health and education services
  • help with getting benefits, managing money and filling in forms
  • getting to know the area where you live
  • having a regular visit from a warden
  • understanding your responsibilities when you live in your own home
  • Help to comply with legal orders, for example, about anti-social behaviour or substance misuse

Housing related support does not include tasks to assist with personal care needs e.g. help to get out bed, help to get washed and dressed etc. 

The team contracts with a range of organisations across the city.   These organisations provide support to people in a variety of settings, such as hostels, women's refuges, supported housing, and in their own homes (known as floating support).

Each service will have its own application process and eligibility criteria.  Please see the service directory below for contact details of the services we commission.

The team are responsible for ensuring that these services are of a good standard through contract management and service reviews.

 The Benefits of Housing Related Support document below outlines some of the key achievements of the services during 2013/2014.


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Accommodation Commissioning Team
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Tel: 01782 232123

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