If you are thinking about adopting a child, these pages will give you lots of advice and information. If you are a birth family member who has been affected by adoption, an adopted person or an adoptive parent, please visit our ‘Support for people affected by adoption’ page for details on how to contact us.

If you are a child or young person, you can find out more about adoption by viewing our guides at the bottom of this page.

What is adoption?

Adoption is a legal process and gives adoptive parent(s) permanent legal responsibility for the child. The rights and responsibilities of birth parents, or anyone else who has parental responsibility, are transferred to the adopter by a court.

Adoption affects the children, the birth family and the adoptive family all their lives. This is such an important thing to happen to a child that the court will need to be satisfied that adoption is in the best interests of the child. Adoption is a service for children. Throughout the process, the needs of the children are the most important consideration.

How is adoption different from fostering?

Fostering gives children, who cannot be with their own parents, a family life. Most children who are fostered are able to go back to live with their original families. Sometimes this might be after just a few days or weeks, or it can be after several years.

The children who need families

Adoption is a service for children. We aim to find families for the children who need them. Our first priority is to find families for the children of Stoke-on-Trent with adoption as a plan. We also work with agencies across the region and nationally to match children waiting with families who can meet their needs.

The list of children waiting for families changes from day to day. When you are going through the process, we will update you on our current priorities.

Children aged over two years and groups of brothers and sisters generally wait longer than very young children.  Many of the children we work with have some degree of uncertainty around their health and development. Locally and nationally there are children from ethnic minority backgrounds who need families who can help meet their identity needs. This may not necessarily be by being an exact ethnic match.

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