Government policy places more emphasis on the individual and requires us as a local authority to offer customers greater choice and control over the services they need and how they are provided.

If you are eligible for our social care services you will have a choice about how your support is provided.

What does Personalisation mean for services?

All social care and National Health Services will follow these principles:

  • Choice - we will help you to have a real choice of services and support
  • Control - we will help you to be in charge of your support and the money which pays for the services
  • Safeguards - we will help you to remain safe at home, in hospital or in residential/nursing care
  • Quality - we will ensure services are of a high quality, and we will listen to the views of people who use services to make improvements
  • Independence - we will help you to remain independent for as long as possible
  • Prevention - we will ensure services are available that help keep you healthy and independent for longer
  • Person at the centre - we will provide services that meet your individual needs
  • Local, accessible services - we will deliver care closer to your home and make services easier to access

We are also improving the joint working between ourselves, Health and Communities, the National Health Service and other partners so that you are not receiving the same information lots of times. By working with the National Health Service, Police and the Fire Service we will ensure that you are not exposed to unnecessary risks and vulnerable people are safeguarded.

Assessing your Needs...

If you are eligible for social care support a social worker will complete a Community Care Assessment which will help us and you to understand what kind of support you need. 

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