Day Care

What is day care?

There are different types of day care for adults available, depending on what you need. 

Day care for people with dementia

There are daytime care and activities available for people with dementia.  These can help by:

  • offering a stimulating environment for people with dementia
  • offering programmes of care and activities which are set up and designed around what each person needs
  • encouraging and helping people to be as independent as they can
  • provide transport if it is decided that this is needed.

Day care for rehabilitation

There are daytime care and activities available for people who need help fo short periods of time so that they can become independent again.  It could be that someone has just come out of hospital and needs extra support for a while, or someone may have an alcohol problem and needs help to become independent again, these can help by:

  • getting people back to being as independent as they can
  • take part in social, recreational, emotional and leisure opportunities
  • build up their confidence
  • improve their physical ability.

Most rehabilitation programmes last for 6 weeks but sometimes they can be extended to last for 8 weeks.

Day care for people who need substantial care

There are daytime care and activities available for people who have complex needs or need a lot of care, for example someone may have physical disabilities, as well as mental health problems, these can provide a range of support:

  • offering help with personal care
  • helping people to be as independent as possible
  • increasing the opportunities people get to socialise and meet others
  • providing transport, if it is decided it is needed.

Day care often gives people looking after someone with care needs, the chance to have a break and some time for themselves.  It also gives the person receiving the care some time away from their home surroundings.

How to ask for the service?

Call free phone 0800 561 0015 where you can speak to a trained contact centre advisor who will be able to help and advise you and start the assessment process for you.