Are you a carer?

You may be a carer without actually realising it!  Many people help their spouse, other family member or friend to live at home when they are frail or have an illness or disability.

You might look after a disabled child, a parent with mental health problems or an elderly relative.  If so, regardless of your age, you are a carer!  (the word "carer" here does not mean a foster carer or someone who provides care as part of their job.)

What do carers do?
Looking after someone can involve different tasks such as:

  • practical help - shopping, housework, gardening or preparing meals
  • personal care - helping the person you care for to get washed and dressed or use the toilet
  • emotional support - talking and listening to the person you care for

If you feel that you need help and support or even just information on services that are available from us or other organisations please follow the links on the page.

How to contact us?
If you are over 18 and the person you look after is over 18 please call the free phone number 0800 561 0015 where a trained advisor will discuss the available services with you and start the assessment process if needed.

If you are a young carer (under the age of 18) or the person you care for is under 18, please call 01782 235100 where you will be able to talk to someone who will give you help and advise.

 New Carer Aware e-learning course - now available

You may recall back in June we celebrated ‘National Carers week’ this campaigned highlighted the invaluable work carried out by UK carers and aimed to raise the profile of carers and the day to day challenges of their role. Supporting carers is a key priority for the Government and the draft Care and Support Bill gives carers greater rights and places increased responsibilities on local authorities in respect of supporting carers. Whether you are a carer yourself, work with carers or are just interested in finding out more (or all three) this is the course for you.

Carer Aware - online training course and information toolkit

  • Who is a carer
  •  What are their rights
  •  What support is available in the City of Stoke-on-Trent
  •  Where to find further information
  •  Test your knowledge and get your certificate!

Click here to access the new Carer Aware course.