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Applications for planning permission must be decided upon by taking into account a development plan, unless there are particular reasons this isn't the case. The National Policy Planning Framework must be taken into account when preparing local and neighbourhood plans, and is a material consideration in planning decisions.

What is a development plan?

They detail planning strategies and policies for the future development of the local area. They are drawn up by the council in consultation with the community. They are also known as 'Local Plans'.

The development plan for Stoke-on-Trent - Adopted Core Spatial Strategy (2009)

The current development plan includes the Core Spatial Strategy (which can be accessed by clicking here) and saved policies. Policies in the Core Spatial Strategy have replaced a number of the saved City of Stoke-on-Trent Local Plan (adopted 1993) policies. This is set out within Appendix 6 of the Core Spatial Strategy. However, a few still remain until they will be replaced by more detailed policies.

The City Council has produced a list of development plan policies that are currently used in the determination of development proposals. The list can be found at the following link:

The following documents have been amended to reflect the saving direction. Please refer to the composite policy list when looking at the following documents.

Proposals Map – Local Development Framework Proposals Map
Click here to view the proposals map (north) 
Please note, a correction has been made to the Local Plan map to Map to clearly show that land on the outskirts of Ball Green (north of Heather View) is within the Green Belt.

Click here to view the proposals map (south)

Click here to view the city plan 2001 - written statement, adopted September 1993. Updated to show saving direction.

Proposals map - City plan 1993 proposals map

Click here to view the proposals map (north)

Click here to view the proposals map (south)

Please note the Green Belt boundary has not been amended as part of the Core Spatial Strategy and remains a saved policy; please see the City Plan 2001 Proposals Map below.

Joint Local Plan

The council is in the early stages of preparing a Joint Local Plan with Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council which will include a spatial strategy, development management policies, allocations for development and policies map. Further information on the stage the councils are at in preparing the Joint Local Plan is available by clicking here.

Minerals and waste

The development plan for waste planning is the Joint Waste Local Plan. Further details of this can be found by clicking here.

What are supplementary planning documents?

Supplementary Planning Documents (SPDs) are documents which add further details to policies contained within the DPDs. They can be used to provide further guidance for development on specific sites or on particular issues such as design. For further information on the council's SPDs please click here.

Statement of community involvement

A Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) describes how the public, businesses and interest groups within a local authority area can get involved in the creation of local planning policy and planning application process. The council has produced a joint statement of community involvement with Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council.  For further information on the Joint Statement of Community Involvement for Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council and Stoke-on-Trent City Council please click here

Planning Policy Monitoring

 The council produces a report each year called an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) which sets out an overview of performance against local planning objectives. For further information please click here


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